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Mind In Action
psychology for busy minds

Parenting support and therapy

 Parenting can be a bloody hard job. We all have parts of ourselves that we love and want to grow and other parts that are often not very helpful. So do our kids. We work with parents to find and grow helpful patterns that let us feel joy and fulfilment with our family as well as manage the unhelpful patterns that result in behavioural, attachment, and emotional issues. We ultimately want you to move towards a direction guided by whats important to you as a family. This means giving you hands on strategies to work with any difficulties you are having with your kids as well as spending time mindfully working through any issues that are popping up for yourself.

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Kids group therapy and workshops

We run mindfulness based group cognitive therapy workshops and individual therapy for kids and teens with busy minds. Our sessions aim to help kids get into the life they want in spite of the inevitable struggles of life. To manage issues such as anxiety, behaviour, attention, and learning difficulties, and instead bring resilience, compassion, awareness, creativity, flexibility and joy.  We use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness based CBT, and Compassion based cognitive therapy to create meaningful change for kids.

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Educational & cognitive Neuropsych Assessment and intervention

Sometimes it can be useful to take a look at what functions of the brain might be affecting a child’s learning and behaviour. We offer individual assessments for all kinds of cognitive issues.  These aim to get parents the information and resources they need to help kids thrive no matter their quirks. School readiness, learning difficulties (reading, spelling, writing, math), ADHD and related attention/executive functioning issues, memory issues, intellectual disability,Giftedness, and neurological conditions.

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Mindful mammas

The transition into motherhood is one of the biggest changes in a woman life. It can be a time of great joy but can also be a time spent feeling overwhelmed and grieving for a previous life. It can test our resilience and also our sense of identity. Mindful mammas works with women who are pregnant, birthing, and into motherhood to create a nurturing and compassionate experience for both themselves and baby. We can help you prepare and create calmness during pregnancy and birth, work with your babies own individual needs around sleeping, eating and connecting, help you reconnect mindfully with yourself, and move forward with your new phase of life. We use mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Attachment theory therapies as well as hypnobirthing techniques and generative change techniques.

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