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for kids and teens with busy minds

A 10 week course for kids having difficulty with issues with inattention, organisation, as well as all the emotional stuff that goes along with school and social life.

We run this group for upper primary and high school. The courses will be split up into several groups depending on what year level they are in . This is to ensure that relevant cognitive, practical and emotional skills can be taught depending on the children’s developmental and school level.

These group programs focus on increasing awareness, concentration, planning & organization skills, problem solving skills, social skills, emotional resilience, as well as anger, stress & behaviour management in children with attention, organisation or impulse control issues. Those issues typical of disorders such as ADHD and related conditions.  This is done through active mindfulness, third wave cognitive behaviour therapy (ACT), fun cognitive skill building such as attention training & problem solving, compensation strategies for home and school, as well as parenting support for these issues. This is all done in a fun and active way using games and exercises to keep kids motivated.

“this program actually teaches kids to become aware of how to help themselves, how to become resilient to those things that life throws at them through practical skill building & how to motivate themselves to do what matters to them”

Program structure:

Week 1 Parenting group workshop: what parents need to know to have have thier child get the most out of the program including the ins and outs of the different cognitive issues, behavioural parenting support & practical strategies for home and school.
Week 2-10 Kids group workshop (1hr): Every week we will build on the last teaching practical skills and learning from each others experiences. These will involve hands on cognitive training & mindfulness for attention and executive issues such as impulsivity; ACT psychotherapy for stress, anxiety and depressive thoughts especially around ideas of failure, dealing with cognitive symptoms and creating a value led life despite them;  social skills work around keeping friends and keeping your cool; parenting support for cognitive symptoms and emotional issues; Active study & research skills.

Initial Cost for the program
Group program = $375*

*If you have a mental health care plan for your son or daughter you may be able to get around $200 of this back under the better access scheme if you have a mental health care plan for ADHD for your child.

We are taking enrolments for term 3 now! inquire with your available afternoons of the week and Saturday availability via our contact form or email


An 8 week group course designed to cultivate attention, impulse control and reduce anxiety in primary aged kids.

“this program teaches kids awareness & gives them the practical tools to help them through life’s many struggles in a fun and interactive way ”

This program focuses on increasing awareness, concentration & attention, emotional resilience, as well as reducing anxiety, anger, stress & maladaptive behaviours. There is also a parent support component so you can be involved in the process and learning too.

Methods used include active Mindfulness based cognitive therapy  and cognitive skill building. This is all practiced in a fun and active way using games and exercises to keep kids motivated and learning skills that will be useful for them in the real world.

8 week group program is $300 without medicare rebate rebate*

*Medicare rebates are often available for students that will around half of these costs under the better access scheme if your child is referred with a mental health care plan by your GP or Paediatrician

We are taking enrolments for term 4 now!  inquire with your available afternoons of the week  via our contact form or email

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